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The Best Medical Treatment For You & Your Family

Southtown Medical Center is dedicated to promoting the health and development of the families we treat. We provide clinical excellence above and beyond the traditional medicine. We believe in partnering with you in order to provide the most comprehensive and personalized care as possible.

Imagine you were ill, or had pains that you had never felt. For a moment, time would stand still as your mind raced through a myriad of questions.

* What do I do?

* Who will I see?

* Are they really going to care about my health and treat my symptoms?

Answering these simple, yet difficult, questions is the mission of our practice. We believe that it should be possible for anyone, anywhere to have access to Doctors that really care about their health and who will provide the best medical knowledge available.

Southtown Medical Center, is a healthcare center focused on serving not only the community, but the hundreds of insurers, employers and health plans covering the thousands of Chicagoland residents. Our highly trained physicians and staff, modern technology office and up-to-date primary care medical practice approaches are only few of our characteristics. Our medical center offers the latest family practice treatments and technology in a warm, compassionate, and caring environment.

We wish to thank you for choosing us as your family doctor and for the confidence and trust you have placed in Southtown Medical Center. With your active participation, we will strive to create a partnership with you in order to maintain the very best health you can achieve.